Amino Care 1fl.oz. / 30ml * 10ea

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Pre and After treatment

- Excellent cure for damages caused by perm or coloring


Superb moisture keeping by highly concentrated PPT complex

- Keratin PPT (Low;smaller than 400 and High molecular weight PPT) : Elasticity and strength of hair

- Collagen PPT : Strengthens moisture holding capacity of hair to improve smoothness

- Cation Keratin PPT to be absorbed to the damaged spot and makes a protective coat to prevent the damages

- Silk PPT : Natural silk extract protect the cuticles


For best result

- Pre and after treatment : Apply adequate amount and massage on the damaged area

- Daily care : Shampoo and towel dry - Apply and massage evenly - Dry

- Damage care : Shampoo and towel dry - Apply on damaged spot - Wrap hair with hot towel for 3~5 minutes - Rinse with warm water